shopping with us?

prep yourself for some serious deals x some of the biggest names in indie design. the bonus? our collection is up to 85% off retail. with the majority between $700- $1000. every gown is off the rack and taken home the same day you say yes.

the majority of our collection ranges from a bridal 8- 10.

what designers?

justttttt to name drop a few… [alexandra grecco, truvelle, tara lauren, daughters of simone, christos x so many more. ]

why tho?

we believe in keeping the collection in our sister shop bride. super fresh, by always adding new pieces and never letting anything stay around too long aka our loss equals your gain aka when you shop off the rack with us you can expect to get a modern, well made and on trend dress but for one helluva deal.

sneak that peek, girl.

so go on, get yourself a peek of a few of our latest arrivals but you’ll have to shop with us to view the full collection because you know we can’t just give it all up right away.